Wheres my Knight in shining armour????

My brakes on my car are squeaking,… It’s a month overdue for it’s tune up,…. and theres no gas in it. And thats just the state of my car!!!!
Me? Having a bad Fibromyalgia day. Sore all over. (cue for violins to start playing,….) And still freaking out over my lack of funds.
I need a hug. (ahhhhh) Atleast I have tomorrow off. (Wednesday) I can have a nice lie-in and then rest and relax all day. Sometimes I get sad that I always have to struggle along alone. Today is one of those days where I long for a knight in shining armour to ride in and rescue me from my life! (Cat’s don’t count in that so sorry StudMuffin). Thank God I have Michelle to come home to. That kid is a nut. No matter how down I get with lifes crap, Michelle can always make me laugh. It’s those ‘gifts’ in life that I cherish the most. My girls.   🙂

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