I just don’t know anymore

I just don’t know how I’m going to pay the bills anymore. I’m worried and concerned for my future. I’m not asking for hand-outs. I work. I just want to get paid the cost of living. Which I don’t. I am going into debt a little bit more every month. I’m not sitting at home living off the government. I am working. I’m tired, and I’m in a lot of pain physically, but I still continue to go to work. I am the working poor. I can’t go grocery shopping this week. I will just eat what is already in the house. I am concerned for M******* as she doesn’t deserve this. Shes just a kid. I wished she would go and live with her father and step-mother for her own benefit. They are able to live a ‘normal’ life. They can eat meat for their dinner. They can grocery shop once a week. Their cupboards and fridge is full. They can fix things when they break. They are where she deserves to be.
I am tired of struggling all the time. I’m tired of feeling like I never get a break. I am being forced to look for a second job. Which I hate. I’m tired from the job I already work. I am physically in pain and exhausted as it is. For all you people out there who still think money can’t buy you happiness,…. Your probobly right. But it can buy you a peaceful nights sleep and a life of necessities. I’m not asking to be rich. I’m just asking to be paid the cost of living.

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