My Kid is a Nut

I had a very bad day yesterday. Rogers has been a real pain in my butt for quite some time now. Their bills are wrong, their service not always reliable,… From the time I got their phone/internet/tv services it’s been one thing after another. But now it’s M*******’s cell phone. The pkg shes on just got higher and higher in price as they added on all the little extras now that her 3 month unlimited is up. Actually, I don’t know how they can call it unlimited as it always managed to come to $50.00. Anyway, it was going to be much more starting in July and shes just a kid. So I cancelled it. They tried to charge me $400.00!!!!  Can you believe that? I was on the phone with them for ages fighting it out and managed to get it cut down to half of that. But still,… $200.00 to me is a lot! So I’m pretty ticked off at them as I feel like they just hold their customers hostage. We just don’t have a choice.
Anyway,….. I was really upset about all of this, on top of feeling worried about all my other money problems (which have hit an all-time low this month) when Michelle broke me up. She painted a uni-brow on StudMuffin with mascara. He looked like Charlie Chaplin. It was hysterically funny. Everytime I looked at him for the rest of the evening I cracked up. Poor StudMuffin had this pathetic look on his face with a really dark uni-brown. I often wonder what I would do without this kid. She always manages to make me burst into fits of giggles with all of her crazy antics. God Bless Children!

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