Too Hot!

It’s just too hot outside! They have issued a heat advisory. It’s 35 degrees. It’s also really muggy so a smog advisory has been issued as well. I have a day off today and had planned to do so much. But instead, this heat has just zapped all the energy out of me so I’ve done nothing. I am Sooooooooo thankful for the air conditioning in this house. There is a public call for low electricity usage so I have the a/c  set for 75 degrees which isn’t all that cool but with that on and the windows shut it keeps the humidity out. Theres also a water ban in place. So I guess I sholdn’t do the laundry or dishes 🙂 I work a 12 hour shift tomorrow and the air conditioner is broken there! It’s been really uncomfortable as I just sweat constantly. The doctors have all been really cranky and take it out on me. Maybe I’ll bring in my own fan. Theres a thought.

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