Feeling Much Better

 Well finally this morning I woke up feeling better. So Hayley and I decided to jump into the car and go into Newmarket. We hit the used book store first where we each picked up 3 books. Then we went to Chapters to browse for new titles and authors. (can’t afford to actually buy there but who needs to when used books read just the same). We then went window shopping in the mall. When we got home we both dyed our hair. Me – Red,… Hayley – dark blonde,… and as coincidence would have it, Michelle text me from the cottage to say she had just dyed her hair blond,… Great minds think alike I guess. So, I am now off to bed to start reading.  Tonight?  It’s "Airframe"  by Michael Crichton. ( I read his "Timeline" and couldn’t put it down!!!)  If this ones good, you probobly won’t hear from me until the weekend. Nerd

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