Tough Decisions

I’ve been in a dilemma the past few months. What to do about my job. I have worked at York Medical for over a year now and I really love it. But,… (as in life there is always a ‘but’),… It’s too far away. The commute is too expensive with the gas prices the way they are. And I’m not getting enough hours. (Next week I’ve only been scheduled for 2 days – I can’t live on that) And so for these two reasons combined, I find myself unable to pay my bills. My fridge is always empty. I am going in debt a little more each and every month that goes by. I just can’t ‘afford’ to keep this job. (No matter how much I love it) The pressure of it is building inside me. I can feel it.

So I need to find a job here in town. And I need to find a job that can guarantee me at least 40 hours a week in order for me not to lose this house. I have been looking and I realized that there are very few jobs that fit that criteria. Obviously the drawback to living in a small town. The one that does though,…. is Tim Horton’s. It’s steps from my home. They are always looking for people to work so I’m sure I can get the 40 hours I need. They even offer some benefits. But,… Tim Horton’s,…. Been there, done that,…. I worked there when I was putting myself through school for the skills to work as a medical assistant/administrator. It was meant to be a means to an end. Not the end result itself. But, after weeks of worrying and trying to find a way out of my financial dilemma, This seems to be the one answer that fits.

I have my resume ready. It’s by the front door. I was meant to walk over there today to hand it in but couldn’t bring myself to do it. It’s like a step down. I have worked so hard over the past 5 years and now I’m going backwards. But I just don’t see any other way. I’m backed into a corner. I feel so down and wished there was some other way but I can’t find one and it’s not from lack of looking. I have to make this decision and I have to make it soon. The bills are piling up. I’m going to lose this house. 


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