Wow,…Didn’t see that coming

Life sure is a twisty, bendy road,….
I had a shock today. I went into work to find my supervisor and (my old) supervisor (from another clinic) in and waitting for me. A small meeting they said. Turns out they gave me an ultimatum. I either start doing blood work or I can no longer work there. I’m sure I’ve mentioned in the past my not being able to do bloodwork anymore. My Fibromyalgia has given me a rather odd symptom the past 4 or 6 months of numbness and tingling in my arms and hands. Because of this, I couldn’t do blood work anymore as I couldn’t find the patients vien. Now, York Medical is saying thats it’s part of my job description so I HAVE to do it. They were telling me I used to do it and I did fine! I don’t know where they’re coming up with that as everyone who worked with me knows the difficulties I went through trying to find pt’s viens! I ended up stopping altogether as I just didn’t find it fair to be poking the patients two or three times and then having to call someone else to finsih it. So, I am now No Longer an employee of York Medical. They tried to show they felt bad by saying just give it a try,… It’s another case of people not believing in Fibromyalgia and the symptoms that go with it. They kept saying "You CAN do it" I just gave up. I’ve been through this conversation with others dozens of times. I’m just tired of the battle. So I left.
But isn’t life strange that I had just got hired on at Tim Hortons???? It was almost as if God was saying no to two jobs and forcing me into one full-time. Makes you wonder,… So I told Tim Hortons that I’m available full-time.
I was really upset when I left work. I felt so ‘disposable’. I was a good employee to them. I also loved the work. So I will definitely miss it. But I felt so let down that they could just let me go over something I would do only 6 or 7 times a week. (and where the pt could just as easily go to a lab for the same work) It’s depressing how disposable people are in this world. They could have easily offered me nights and week-ends (which is what I mostly worked anyway) as we dont’ even do blood work then. C******** & J*** tried to look all sorry but I was just feeling too let down to deal with it. I told them if there going to let me go, I may as well leave right there and then. What was the point of staying?
Yes, It’s been a very upsetting day. I think I need a good cry and a long walk,….
Once I start at Timmies’ on friday I’m sure all will be forgotten and life back to normal. But for now,…. Broken heart Sad

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