My Life is Never Boring

 I was ticked off today when I got into work to learn that I was going to be working at the Nobleton store. (about a 20 minute drive away) I had to drive there in my car. What was the point of getting a ‘local’ job to save gas if they’re going to have me running around between 5 different stores? So when I got home at 2:30, I decided I would run a resume out to a few places here in town. I got to two vets offices and Price Chopper (where Michelle works) I happened to hand the resume in to the manager himself and he asked me to come back in tomorrow at 2:30 for an interview. Now Price Chopper isn’t an office job but it’s better than Tim Hortons. So I’m hoping I’ll get hired on there. Atleast I can walk every day as they have no other stores to send me to. Tomorrow I have an early start as I have to be in Newmarket by 8 for my MRI. I then go to see my doctor at 11. And then my interview at 2:30. Wish me luck

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