Another busy weekend

 I had my MRI on Friday but of course I won’t hear anything for a few weeks yet. My appointment at the doctor went well. She feels that both the median nerves are trapped and need surgery to repair. She is making me an appointment at a Neurologist just to confirm. It’s not what I wanted to hear as I don’t have time to take off for surgery (time off is unpaid for me), but atleast now I know it’s not all in my mind and I know it is repairable. There is relief in sight.
I got the job at Price Chopper so now I have the task of informing Tim Hortons I’m quitting. I start work at Price Chopper on Tuesday morning.
And then I’ve had Hayley here for the weekend. We drove to Brampton to visit my Mom. It turned out to be a nice day. And the weather is gorgeous! Couldn’t have asked for better. So Hayley and I walked up to the Mall while at Moms.
So, I’m feeling a little bit better now. Not so miserable as I know I never have to put in another day at Timmies again. And I know the numbness and tingling is ‘fixable’ so that makes me hopeful. It was a bad 2 or 3 weeks but I think things are starting to look up once again. Cross your fingers,…

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