Freakin out just a teeny bit,….

I thought today was going to be a good day. A new start. I went into work for my first shift at Price Choppers at 6:00a.m. And it went really well until about noon and then the physical part of the job started taking it’s toll. I stuck it out until 3 though. I probobly just have to toughen up. It’s hard work lugging heavy boxes from the back to the front to stock. Or atleast harder than I expected it would be. I came home really tired and sore. And then he says to come back in Friday morning at 7. (Huh? I thought this job was full time,… as in ‘every day’ ) ?????
Then I came home to find a message on my machine from my doctors office asking me to call them. Dr. D**l wants me to come back tomorrow to get some more blood work done and then come in to see her next Tuesday. Of course they don’t tell you why. So now I will have to sit here freaking out wondering why. (Will just have to keep busy for the next week)  She also gave me a specialist appointment for October 23rd with a neurologist (but again, she didn’t say why. Again,… freakin out just a little,…..) 
But I will remain optimistic. I’m sure it’s just something to do with the carpal tunnel in both my wrists,….
Anyway, I have two days off now. Atleast I can rest my muscles a bit.
Thats it for today,….

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