Calming down a little now

Okay, I’ve had a whole day to calm down. I have to be rational about this. The Doctor probobly just wanted a second blood draw as the first one was contaminated or inconclusive. It happens. I myself have had to re-call patients back in for this. It’s rarely anything serious. As for the neuroligist,…. Has to be the carpal tunnel. I am no longer freaking out. (Serenity now!).
And I have also sat back to rethink my options on the job front. I think the answer is obvious. No physical job. That leaves office work. Or cashier work. So out I went today. I gave out about a dozen resumes in Tottenham, Alliston and Beeton. I realize full-time will be difficult to find but first things first. I just need to find any job that I can physically handle so I can start making a dent in this stack of bills that are piling up. (Mastercard has been my God-send while I’ve hit this financial crisis but Mastercard is going to want to be paid – Eye-rolling)
So, bottom line. Instead of getting overwhelmed at the big picture, I just need to tackle one thing at a time. And that right now is a job. Then I will worry about health and surgeries, etc,… Something always comes up and I always manage to get by. But for those following the Trials and Tribulations of Jacquie Rose Holyoak on this blog,…. It wouldn’t hurt to cross your fingers and/or say a prayer. I need all the help I can get. Sun

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  1. Peter
    Sep 28, 2007 @ 21:50:33

    Wow. I think you are right its about "doing the next right thing" and then trying to live in the NOW?


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