Feeling Good Today!

God, It is absolutely gorgeous out today. I am just on my way out for a hike this afternoon. Sun
I have put out over 40 resumes over the past week. Today I finally got a call from one. Of course it’s only Wal-Mart and not a medical office which is what I really want. But, It’s work. So hopefully I will get this and I can start putting a dent into my bill pile that is slowly building. Let’s hope this means my ‘slump’ is over.
It’s Thanksgiving week-end (and what a great forecast for it!) I’m driving to Brampton so the girls and I can be with Mom on Monday. Other than that no definite plans.
I also have a friend staying with me now. I ‘bumped’ into her on MSN one night and I was worried about no job and not being able to pay the bills, and she was worried because she just got a new job in Mississauga (and lives in Orillia) and wanted somewhere closer to stay so we figured it would be great for her to stay here until she can get organized. The situation is great as it helps out the both of us. Smile
So things are finally looking up,….

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