Happy Thanksgiving

Well, It’s Sunday night and it’s been a busy weekend so far. I decided to paint my living room. It was a horrible mustard yellow and I’ve hated it ever since I moved in. I painted it Taupe. Actually, I’ve only done 3 walls but each wall had to be washed with TSP, primered and then two coats of paint put on so it has been a lot of work. I’d like to have gotten the fourth wall done and overwith tomorrow but we’re going to Brampton to have dinner with Mom. I’m actually cooking everything and then bringing it with us. Mom just had cataract surgery so she can’t even drive. So I’m getting up (very) early and making the dinner. Then we’ll jump in the car and go to hers. That way she doesn’t have to do anything. It should be a good day. Hopefully I can relax a bit. Then Tuesday it’s back to painting. I still have the hall to do as well.
I had two interviews at Wal-Mart on Friday. They are now calling all of my references and then doing a police check before I have my third interview. All for a cashier! Had me thinking I might be assigned to watch the Wal-Mart Vault!! LOL   Shoppers Drug Mart in Alliston called today as well and want me to come in for an interview on Thursday. I would rather this job as Alliston is much closer to me than Wal-Mart is. We’ll see how it goes.
In the meantime, anyone who cares to drop by and paint,…..Open-mouthed

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