First day at my new job

Well, It was my fist shift at my new job (Shoppers Drug Mart) and it went well. The old store is still open but we were in the new store stocking and labelling. I’ll be doing this until their grand opening on November 1st. It was okay. Nothing seemed to be too strenuous for my wrists/arms & shoulders. It’s hard work, but not TOO hard. Tongue out
Tomorrow I do the same and then Wednesday I start training on cash. If today is anything to go by, I’m going to enjoy this job. (Finally)
Sherry moved out Saturday as she found another place to stay closer to her work. This house is really small so it was nice to get my space back. (nothing against Sherry, but,…I am a virgo and therefore a bit picky about my space,…)
The weather has finally changed to normal fall conditions. I actually just turned my furnace on yesterday. I didn’t even think I needed to but Michelle was cold having her room in the basement. Time to get out the jackets once again.
Anyway, thats it for me. I’m knackered so I’m off to bed. Ta’rra

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