Back to Normal?

Well, I think things are slowly getting back to normal. Or normal for me,… I don’t think anyone can say my life is normal,…LOL
I’m back working full time. It feels so good to know that I have money coming in once again. Okay, It’s only a cashiers job at Wal-Mart but as long as the bills get paid.
I had my specialist appointment at the hospital with a neurologist Friday. He just confirmed what we already suspected. Pinched median nerves in both wrists. He suggested surgery but that just isn’t an option for me right now so I think I’ll just continue wearing the braces while at home and see how it goes.
For the few weeks that I wasn’t working I had been spending a lot more time on Facebook and have finally had the chance to look up all those people I’ve been meaning to look up. Found quite a few. It’s nice to reconnect with friends and family. I ran across a couple I went to school with and haven’t seen in 25 years! Kind of fun to hear what they’ve been up to. I also found my cousin in Winnipeg which was great as I had lost touch with her a good 10 years ago. Even found some family overseas!
Anyway, I’m off to bed. It’s late and I took a shift for someone tomorrow (5 to midnight) for a bit more money. See if I can’t pay off some of these accumulated bills!
Till next time then,… Ta’rra

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