Fun day with the girls

Wow, I had two days off in a row which is unusual for me (working retail) but they absolutely flew by. Today we drove into Toronto to the Ontario Science Centre as they have the Titanic exhibit there at the moment. It was awesome. To see all these things that had once belonged to people nearly 100 years ago and to know they had been retrieved from the bottom of the oceon. Truly awesome. We also went to the IMAX cinema to see Titanica. The rest of the day we spent just going through the rest of the centre to see all the other stuff. It was a great day. The girls (and Megan) all had a blast. The only drawback was the price. Over $150.00 for us to go!!! Thank God I had my credit card with me as I never imagined it to be so pricey. But considering I never get to do things like this very often I thought what the hell. You only live once. And the girls aren’t getting any younger and probobly won’t want to do things with me once they’re a bit older. So even though the weekend was over in a flash, It was a great one. Now, It’s back to work again tomorrow,… (another day, another dollar,…)

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