Okay, It’s official. I am now the un-luckiest person ever!  My day started out good enough. But it sadly deteriorated at a rapid speed. So by the time I finished work at 8:00 I was already fed up and frustrated. Little did I know my problems had just begun. I get in my car, start it up, drive out as far as the back road home and my car dies. Not to worry, I have CAA and a cell phone. Right? Well my phone is on it’s last bar. I manage to call CAA before it dies and wait in the snow and cold for them to arrive. The tow truck driver? Gives me the news. Yup, It;’s dead lady. Dead as a door-knob. Great. It’s a wonder with his genius the man isn’t a astronaut. Thats when we notice, my back licence plate has been stolen. Bolts removed,…. not fallen off,… stolen. Hmmmm,… funny how my car just suddenly brakes down a kilometre from Wal-Marts parking lot where the plate was stolen. Now the OPP are involved. At this point I’m frozen, fed-up and just want to get home. Thank GOD!!!! Sue & Jerry were home and came to rescue me. (I was stranded in Bolton 27 kilometers from my home) My Knights in shining armour. I finally get home and have to start with the phone calls. Won’t be in to work tomorrow,… report the stolen plate,…. call the garage where the tow truck brought my car,… I am completely shattered. All I want to do is have a hot bath and a long cry.
Now the real stress starts. How the hell am I going to pay to get my car fixed. I haven’t even caught up from being unemployed for two months. We’re living on a shoe string as it is. I can almost feel my blood pressure rising. And without a car I have no way of getting to work so won’t have a job. This is just too much for this little delicate flower to take right now. I wished I had been born a cat!!!!!

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