Snow, Snow and more bloody Snow!

                                                                                             Shovelling snow
They said it was coming and come it did! It’s a big fluffy wonderland out there. It looks beautiful. Until you have to go out and shovel the damn stuff. Michelle said that she would do it when she got home from work at 6 tonight. But by one o’clock this afternoon there was already a foot of it so I thoughtI’d better go out and make a start on it. So I bundle up like a good little Canadian in my furry boots and ski jacket and hat and scarf and gloves so by the time I actually get outside I’m a big puffy ball. It took me over an hour to finish. And now, I am DONE IN!!! My back hurts,… my wrists are toast,… and my shoulders and arms ache. Can’t imagine what I’ll feel like tomorrow when I wake up. But, we are in Canada and Canadian winters have snow. I should be used to it. But I’m not. I HATE SHOVELLING!!!! And do you think you can find someone to pay to do it?? No. Kids now make more than I do. They’re not going to waste their time shovelling when they can sit inside and play Wii (or whatever the ‘new’ game is now) My 6 foot neighbour across the way came out and used his snow blower and was back inside in 20 minutes. He even took the time out to wave hello! But no offer of help. Sarcastic
Anyway, thats it for me today. I am now going to soak in a lovely hot bubble bath and then curl up on the couch with my cats and a coffee and not move. I am bloody exhausted!!!!!!Garfields I need my bed

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