Not a good day

                                                                                     lot on mind
Today has been a bad day! Work was bad. People think the cashiers are a punching bag for their frustration. Usually it rolls off my back but today I seemed to take everything personally so that by the time I left I felt quite drained. And money problems are another issue swirling around in my head. The clothes dryer is broken and now the water softener died. All the groceries and Christmas presents I’ve bought in the past month have been put on credit cards as I just don’t have the cash. I have to face it. I don’t bring in enough money to sustain a livelihood. I’m finding it hard just to ‘exist’ financially. Just the basics are hard to afford. Food, shelter, electricity and water.  I feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders today.
I’m also really tired and in a lot of pain as well so thats not helping. Fatigue and pain make everything else amplify.
I’m really hoping tomorrow is a better day.
                                                                                        cartoon rain and dark cloud

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