Wipe Out!

aaa                                                                     hurt girl

Another "It could only happen to me,…" moment

I am all ready for work yesterday morning. I go outside and drive the car out of the garage and get out to let the car warm up. I figure I’ll just nip into the house and make my coffee for the ride to work. The car will be warmed up by then. So I get my coffee, my purse, my lunch bag, and my bag with my work shoes and I go back outside. I open the car door and ‘bam!!!’ my feet hit ice,… slide out from beneath me,… bags go flying everywhere,… I instictively reach out to grab the open car door only to a face plant onto the top of the car. My shoulder is wrenched as I twist around. I end up (and you can probobly picture this) sprawled on the driveway. spilled coffee and overturned bags strewn all about. I feel like my head has been hit by a 2 x4. My shoulder is in agony. I sheepishly look around to see if anyone has been fortunate enough to catch my little show but luckily the street seems empty. I am in pain now. I mean it HURT! I manage to stagger back into the house and call work. "Ummm,… I’m sorry, but, I don’t think I’m going to make it in today,… I sort of fell getting into my car,…" (I can almost see the rolled eyes on the other end) I feel like a complete idiot. A missed day of pay because of a stupid fall? Needless to say, I spent the remainder of the day tucked up in bed with a heating pad and tylenol. But I made it back into work today! Open-mouthed sore and slower but I was there. I guess I’ll be picking up some salt tomorrow,…



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