Feeling a bit better today

hot drink
 It’s been a quiet relaxing Sunday. I’m still having a lot of difficulty sleeping so was quite tired today. So I figured I would take it easy and try and get some reading done. Who knew there were so many books on bipolar disease. I read most of the day! I could probobly call myself an honorary MD now. (for manic depressive – not a doctor,…haha,…) Or maybe put a BA as a title after my name. (Bipolar associate instead of Bachelor of Arts)  Sorry, couldn’t resist that,… But I figure you have to have some sense humour to get through this thing. And since my mood has elevated somewhat in the past few days I felt I would take a stab at making fun. Maybe I should change the name of this blog to:
    "Jacquie’s Bipolarcoaster"  
  bipolar coaster
Okay, okay,… enough of the lame jokes,…
As I mentioned earlier, my mood has gotten better over the past few days. The medication must be taking effect now. I’ve managed to get some housework and laundry done. But I still find myself really exhausted. Every time I do something I have to rest afterwards. I hope that will go away in time. I told my employers I would come back to work on the 11th (next week) so hoping to get some energy by then. I think getting out of this house will be good for me. I’m starting to get some serious cabin fever! Michelle and I are planning to go to a movie tomorrow night so I’m looking forward to that.
Anyway, thats all for this entry.

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