I think we’re in for a snow day!

shovelling snowfreezing rainThe weather forecast is not looking good,…. Freezing rain mixed with snow flurries. I think we’re heading for a snow day! The girls will love that! I’ll hate it as I’ll end up doing a ton of shovelling again. Thankfully I was on the ball enough to go out grocery shopping today so I don’t have to worry about driving tomorrow once it really gets bad. Canadian winters can be treacherous.

I managed to go into work and fill out all the millions of forms I needed to fill out for my short term absense. They had been bugging me to get in and do that. But I have just been too sick to get my act together (until today) My returning date has been pushed to February 25th now. So I’m off for another two weeks. Apparently I need a doctors note saying I’m well enough to return. (???) Such a lot of wasted paper work! I think I will take the time to get my resume updated and may even look for a new job more in my field (medical office) So as you can see I am feeling better. My mood is rising. But I still get totally exhausted doing the smallest of tasks. Hopefully that will change soon. I guess I just have to be patient.

fat woman Next, I will have to work on a diet! Too many wobbly bits and pieces on this body.

Anyway, thats all for now,….



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