uh oh

boo boo

Back already. Just after I had finished my last entry Michelle came home crying. She had an accident in my car. She was driving Hayley back to her Dad’s when she hit some ice, took out a mailbox and then hit a pole. Honestly, every parent dreads those words,… "theres been an accident,…" Your heart literally leaps into your throat and the blood drains down. Fortunately both her and Hayley were alright. The accident was just by Jeffs house so she was able to run and get him. Jeff drove her home. He had put my car in the garage and told me that it would probobly be best if I didn’t go look at it until tomorrow when Michelle isn’t around. Because Michelle is so upset I figured that would be best. (So I haven’t seen the damage yet!!) At this point the car is just a hunk of metal. I’m just so relieved neither of the girls were hurt. I’ll deal with the car tomorrow,…..

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