Good night to be indoors


OMG! It is absolutely FREEZING outside. Right now it’s minus 15 degrees. (minus 27 with the wind chill) I want to move to Australia!!!!!
car crash.
Well, today has not been a good one. I finally went out to take a look at the damage done to my car. Ouch! The whole front bumper is gone and the pole pushed the air conditioner and radiator foward. (along with other things I can’t seem to remember the names of) In other words, the front was accordian’ed in (is that a word?) When I see the car, I am astonished the girls were alright. When I took it to the auto shop I was given a quote of $2,700.00. So I had no choice but to call my insurance and make a claim. Even then I have a $1,000.00 deductable to pay. It’s just so unfortunate it had to happen now. I’m not working. I just paid for a brand new water softener/purifyier and my clothes dryer is broken as well. Not to mention it’s income tax time. Last year I was shocked to hear I owed over $4,000.00 (due to my spousal support which is taxable to the tune of 36%. I’m really getting stressed and frustrated with all these things going wrong. It’s like no matter how many steps forward I take,… I soon have to take two back.
The good news though,  I’m feeling much better (mentally) The medication has definitely started to work. So that means I can go back to work next week. I even had my neighbour Sue over for the afternoon. A few weeks ago I couldn’t bare to be around people. The depression was so bad I was unable to function at all. I don’t care what that idiot Tom Cruise thinks about anti-depressants,… as far as I’m concerned my medication literally saves my life.
sick cartoon puppy
By the way, I have caught a nasty flu from Michelle (who is now getting over hers) I keep going back and forth between shivering and sweating. When I cough it feels like I have fiberglass in my lungs and I have an ear ache,… After this I’m going to bed. I always seem to get sick around this time of year. Which is annoying because I always get a flu shot!!
Oh well, that’s life I guess,….

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