coughing it up
I finally made it to the doctor. Friday afternoon I finally got my rental car and I went strait into Bolton to their walk-in clinic. I waited 3 hours! (no surprize there) When I got in the doctor told me I had a bad case of bronchitis. He said I shouldn’t have left it so long. (little does he know how my week has gone-doesn’t he think I would have if I could have?) He gave me medication which I took as soon as I got home. Then had a violent reaction to it. (won’t go into details,… bathroom,… hours,…. now going steady with the toilet bowl,….) called the clinic, got another RX and had to go all the way back into Bolton to get it. Started that one with more promising results.
I’ve had many people tell me they have bronchitis. But I didn’t realize how bad it is. I have been coughing uncontrollably for a week. And it hurts like hell every single time. It feels like my lungs are raw. I couldn’t keep anything down becasue of the coughing. Couldn’t sleep. It’s really knocked the stuffing out of me.  I’ve pulled muscles in my stomache and back!  I’m still not even close to well. I’m survivin g on Jello.
Michelle is at her boyfriends for the weekend and Hayley is at her Dads so atleast I didn’t have the girls to cater to. But I have to say,… This is one of those times when I really wished I had someone in my life. There’s been noone here to help. I HATE being sick!!!
Anyway, thats how my week has gone,….
(Am I sounding a little bit fed up and bitter????? Life really isn’t fun right now) 

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