Finally starting to feel human again

KiaraStud MuffinButters in a bag

Kiara (Black) , Colonol StudMuffin (Gray) and Butters (in the bag)      

Okay, Now I just look like I’m the crazy cat lady putting pics of my favorite felines up here. But I was going to say that I knew I was feeling better and needed to get out when I started talking to the cats. Not just talking at them,… but having conversations with them,…. Yes, Bad,… Cabin fever is definitely setting in. I drove into Newmarket this morning to see my doctor. Then I drove to Bolton to let work know I’ll be coming back on Monday (yeah!!!!) I got back home around 2 but was so exhausted I had to have a nap! Do you ever notice that the older you get,… The sicker you get? I mean I used to be able to blow off a cold in 3 days. Now the colds/flus are more severe and last much longer. Is this an age thing? Cause I’m not really liking it. I’ve had this broncitis quite bad for nearly two weeks!  I’m still coughing and hacking but I feel much better. I never thought I’d say this, but it’s going to feel good to get back to work.

I finally heard from the insurance adjuster. They will pay to have my car repaired (instead of writing it off). But it’s taking forever. I put it in the shop over a week ago and they are still working on it. I hate the rental I was given (Ford Taurus station wagon – Ughhhh)  so can’t wait to get my own car back. Now I just need to figure out how I’m going to come up with the $1000.00 deductable. Theres always something making me worry when it comes to money. But as long as neither one of the girls were hurt thats whats important. Not the car. 

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