I have my car back

my  car 2Finally after two weeks I have my car back. I didn’t like the rental car I had. You get used to your own vehicle don’t you?grumpy walmartI’m also back to work. And although it’s a relief to finally know I’ll have money coming in once again, I still don’t like my job. The minute I walked through the door I felt miserable. Didn’t show it though. You always have to smile for the customers!!!!!!!coughingI’m also still coughing really bad. I get so I have these fits where I cough so hard that I can’t breath. It’s even worse as soon as I go out into the cold. When I’m outside I honestly can’t control it and cough until I feel like I’m going to hack up a lung! It’s been over a month now so I’m getting quite fed-up with it. And the walk-in doctor keeps telling me just to leave it as it will go away on it’s own.

And speaking of doctors,… I had my appointment at the specialist (psychiatrist) and he feels I DON’T have bi-polar at all. Just depression. I don’t really care what they label it. Just so long as the meds I take for it work. And this last round seem to be doing the treat. Yeah!

Now that I think of it, I’ve had a pretty rough new year. Michelles car accident, my bout with depression, having to take a leave of absense from work, no money coming in, being diagnosed as bi-polar (and now being told I’m not) So heres hoping that the next few months are much kinder! I hate always being stressed. Roll on Spring!!!!!!!!



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