Great Day

spring cleangrocerymanic spring clean

I’ve been feeling really good the past few days. I’ve had energy for a change. I’m not having to nap during the day because I feel exhausted like I usually am all my life (the depression and fibramyalgia??). The medication I started last month really is working for me. I haven’t felt this ‘normal’ in years.

I took advantage of the energy and did a complete spring clean of the house today. It’s always a great feeling of accomplishment when you finally sit down with a cup of coffee knowing the house is immaculate. (Yes, I know, If this is what excites me then I need a life,…)

But tonight Michelle had 5 friends over and Hayley brought home 7 so my house was then taken over by a bunch of teens with spotted faces and eyebrow piercings. partying tweensSo much for my clean house. But I suppose that 10 years from now the girls will be gone and I’ll be living here alone. I’d rather have a messy house with my girls in it than a clean house with no one but me and the cats. Besides, Hayley said she would re-vacumn the floors, etc,….

It’s the long weekend. Easter is here. My Mom is driving up here on Sunday for dinner. It’s been ages since shes been here. She doesn’t like the long drive. But since I’ve done some work around the house she wanted to come up here to see it all. Anyway, I’m off to bed. All that cleaning tired me out.



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