Ouch! My tooth broke!

tooth ache
I woke up this morning in a great mood (becasue it’s FRIDAY!) but this morning when I was eatting my breakfast I bit down on something and holy crap did I feel pain!! I went to work anyway (although it wasn’t easy) as I only had a 4 hour shift, and then I phoned around to find a dentist to look at it. Luckily I found one in Beeton.  Now, I’ve been in awkward moments before but this one was hilarious. My dentist was hot! So I’m trying to act all calm and sophisticated but somehow you lose your charm when the object of your crush has his hands in your mouth and your drooling like a dog in Arizona. (why do they always insist on asking you questions when your in this precarious position I’ll never know) And then when I was finished, I tried to salvage the situation with a bit of dignity but when I went to talk my whole face was frozen and all I could do was dribble. I think it’s safe to say this dentist wasn’t the least bit interested in me. Hard to be cool,…..Disappointed
Then the painful part came when I had to pay. $270.00 (my whole tooth cracked in half – it was a long procedure) Oh what the hell,… Put it on the credit card with all the other crap,…. It had to be done so theres no sense getting upset about it.
I’m also experiencing something every ‘mature’ woman dreads. Hot Flashes! Man they’re a pain in the ass. I wake up at night soaked. It’s really embarrasing when people ask if I’m alright as I look a little flushed. (if only they knew,… I’m not flushed,… I’m turning into a human furnace)
night sweats Oh the joys of getting older,….

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