Gorgeous Day!

spring day

It is an absolutely gorgeous day outside. I didn’t want to be in the house so I made a start of planning a few changes for my front deck. I have two very ugly gas meters on my wall where my front deck is. The original owners of this home boxed them in with this hideous white wood which was not in the least bit attractive. So I took a hammer and knocked it all down so I can do something a little nicer. My plan?
To change this:gas meter into something like this:or this  or this:into this as the meters are level to the deck. I’m hoping to box them in with a much nicer wooden deck.
Unfortuanately I had a little mishap. (Yes, another it could only happen to me moment,…) while taking out all my stress bashing all the old wood away I accidently hit the gas meter and I was instantly hit with the smell of gas. I ran over to Sue & Gerry’s and Gerry was able to fix it right away. But not before laughing at my typical womans approach to DIY,… (Don’t have a clue what I’m doing but how hard could it be????)
apparantly harder than I anticipated as now I have open meters and not a clue how to build something new. Oooops,….
Hayley and I have spent the day together which is nice. We don’t get a lot of chances to have one on one time. We talked a lot about what happened yesterday. And I feel we accomplished a lot. But later I found her on the floor in a corner sobbing her little heart out. She really doesn’t want to go back to her Dads. When I told her she had to she started getting hysterical. (??) My heart nearly broke as I know it’s so hard for her over there. Theres not a lot in the way of fun and way too much nagging and yelling and telling her how bad she is all the time. I called Jeff but he wasn’t home so I left a message on his answering machine explaining how sad she is and could she atleast stay here for a few more days. So we’ll just have to see how he takes that.
Anyway, enough of all that. I’m concentrating on how beautiful the weather is and going back outside. Finally, we can drag out the deck chairs and start making pitchers of Iced Tea.

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