Another spectacular day

wash car

It was another great spring day so I took advantage and washed and vacumned my car. It hadn’t been done in awhile and now that Michelle and her friends use it, it was quite dirty. Michelle ended up having six friends over so the house was quite noisy. This house is tiny so there seemed to be kids everywhere you turned. I ended up cooking hamburgers for them all. I felt like a short order cook.  (Heres two more up…come and get ’em) Hayley was still grounded so she was with me outside.  
Hayley wouldn’t go back to her Dad’s last night. She just out and out refused. So J*** said she could stay here for a few more days. I see turmoil on the horizon as Hayley can be a stubborne little madam when she wants and her Dad is digging his heels in just as bad. And we all know who’s going to be caught in the middle don’t we. Muggins here.
I don’t get J*** right now. If Hayley has become such a problem and a burden to him and his Mrs. then why on earth does he insist she stay there when last time this happened (with Michelle) he dumped her unceremoniously on my doorstep where she has stayed ever since. People are telling me it’s because then he’ll have to pay more child support. I don’t know. All I know is there is something going on in that house that has left both of the girls miserable and never want to go over there. So we’ve lined up some counseling but I think J*** is in for a rude awakening as he is so arragant he actually feels like I agree with him. So when it’s my turn to chat with the counsellor he is going to be shocked to hear some home truths.
And on that note,……I’m off to work.

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