I’m not fat,… I’m delightfully plump

fat in mirror

I went to my closet today to look for some spring clothes. But, it was a shock to discover that they are all too small. So I went out to buy a pair of pants and a shirt. (I have to have something to wear when I leave the house other than pajamas or scrubs,…). I have decided that I don’t like that Upper Canada Mall anymore. Theres something really wrong with all of their mirrors! I look into them and I see a fat lady looking  back. When I know I’m actually a lovely slim girl,… (Who says mirrors never lie?). But, I guess I have to face the fact that those days of size 5 and lovely unwrinkled skin are over.
Being a Coronation Street fan, I would love to think that I’m a Mariamaria         or a Violet  violert   But if I’m to be honest, I would have to say in reality I’m more of an Eileen Grimshaw. 
   eileen Oh well, atleast shes lovable.
Anyway, I’m off to bed. Another day at the office tomorrow.  

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