Not a good day.

I woke up in pain.achy back FM migraine sick in bed   I knew that putting the patio furniture together yesterday would affect me in some way (especially carrying the heavy stuff in the house) but when theres noone else to do it, you just have to do it yourself regardless. So I wasn’t surprized to wake up in pain with a mother of a headache. It was noon before I could even go downstairs. All I could manage in the afternoon was to read quietly on the deck. By dinner I was somewhat better so I tidied the kitchen and swept the floors.
Tonight was no better though. My headache came back with a vengeance so I went back to my room to watch tv in the dark. But then Michelle and Matt had a huge fight. I really don’t like the way Matt treats her. But he always manages to talk her round and he did again tonight.
And Hayley, who is suppose to be at home with her grandparents, was found running around Tottenham with all of her friends. I SHOULD have gone and hauled her ass  back home but because I felt like shit I just let it go.
These two girls are stressing me out. I just don’t have the energy anymore. I’ve got too many other things to deal with. (Like money – or the lack of it) Today has been a really bad day.

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