Man U forever!

ManUManchester United won the English Preimership!!!!! Woohoo,……

How was everybodies Mothers Day? I was sick for mine. Michelle worked all day and then came home only to go out with Matt so she wasn’t around at all.  Hayley was here but she just played on the computer and watched tv. (Okay, she did give me a nice card)  And to top it all off, the toilet was still clogged (I THOUGHT I had fixed it!) In the end I had to call "The Pembertons" (my tried and true neighbours that get me out of all my household emergencies) Gerry plunged it and then had to snake it. I ended up staying in bed for the rest of the day. I felt horrible. Probobly just making myself sick by worrying so much. But, Tomorrow is another day so I have to keep optomistic. You just never know whats around the corner do you?Sun



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