Still not home

It’s now 8:30pm on Thursday night and there is still no sign of my wayward daughter. She has told her Dad that she has quit school. Does this mean she’s moving out too?? She hasn’t tried to reach me to talk in over 2 days. hmmmmm   I know shes staying at Matts so I’m not worried that shes out on the street or anything. I wonder how long Matt’s Mom is going to put up with her there. (shes a mom,… why doesn’t she just say no and tell Michelle to come home???)
So,I try to keep busy. I did some more painting today. Someone had the bright idea to paint all of the trim and doors in this house a Chocolate brown. It’s taking me 3 coats to cover up the brown. And thats with the heavy duty primer. It looks so much brighter in the hall now. That brown everywhere was getting really depressing.
Tomorrow is the beginning of the Canadian Long Weekend. (Victoria Day). I don’t have any plans (except painting Sad) Most people have Saturday, Sunday and Monday off. Me? I have no job!!!!! I have too many days off!!!! I really do need to find a job.

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  1. Sue
    May 16, 2008 @ 01:40:07

    Hi there,
    I was exploring some random updated spaces and came across yours. I found myself reading back a couple months, and really empathise with you. It always seems like problems come in bunches, and like you I seem to be having a ton of them landing on me lately. I just haven\’t really been blogging about them, though I should.
    I don\’t have any answers for you – heck, I can\’t even answer my own problems – but I thought I\’d drop a line to let you know that you\’re not alone. I hope things iron themselves out with your daughters – why is it that the ones we love the most also cause us the most pain? I hope you\’re able to find a great job soon to help with the financial situation, but above all right now I hope you do manage to have a pleasant and as-enjoyable-under-the-circumstances-as-possible long weekend.
    Hang in there.


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