Michelle is back!

Things are getting better with Michelle. (atleast for today). She stayed at her Dads last night and they had a good talk. She went to school today and was even good when she came home after school. Like nothing was wrong. Lets touch wood and hope it stays that way atleast for awhile.
Hopefully I can concentrate on looking for a job again.
I saw on the news tonight that one of the two large industries in Tottenham is closing at the end of the week and everyone there only had a weeks notice. It’s shocking how they can do that. But thats bad for me as Tottenham is such a small town and now there will be many, many people looking for work just like I am. I’m going to call an employment agency in Alliston tomorrow. Maybe they can help. i’m starting to really panic now as I’ve been off work for over 2 weeks. And the bills still keep on coming. It’s getting to be Crunch time. Disappointed

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