crying in window
I feel like such a failure as a parent. Both of my girls seem to be going down the wrong path. I have always maintained that children are only as good as their parents,…. So I feel that I have let them down and failed them. I don’t think they will see it like that (atleast not right now) but I strongly feel that if I wasn’t ill (with bi-polar) it never would have broken up my marriage, which in turn broke up my family. That was a tremendously difficult time for all of us ( in all of our own ways we really struggled ) And the girls were scarred because of it.
And now their at a point where I don’t know if we can ‘turn them around’ or not. Especially since I’ve been going through such a bad time right now with not having a job and having no money and my wrists (carpal tunnel) keeping me from getting a lot of the jobs out there. All of this then becomes a vicious cycle of making me ill mentally.
Why does everything in my life always have to be so difficult?

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