I got my Annabelle fixed

I finally brought my car in to be repaired and get new tires. It feels so good to have my ‘Annabelle’ back. I won’t worry every time I take her out now. I love my car. Red heart

I managed to get a bit more painting done this morning seeing as the weather was so crappy. It’s taking forever. Much longer than I expected it would and I still have two more doors and the rest of the trim to do. Disappointed
a 30
Well it’s anything but a quiet night here this evening. Michelle and 4 of her friends are here doing a 30 hour famine this weekend. Between bouts of guitar hero and Karoke it’s very LOUD. I have been trying to escape by staying up here in my room. (it’s not working!) And they’re here until Sunday. I feel a headache coming on,….

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