30 hour famine down to 3 hours left!

The 30 hour famine is still going strong. (For Michelle and her friends – certainly not me!) I’m so proud of them for not caving. I’d have scarfed down a whole bag of oreo’s by now. They kept me up half the night playing guitar hero and singing kareoke. It was after 3 before I fell asleep so I didn’t get up until noon. (I hold no shame,….Open-mouthed). I never said I was a morning person. I would rather stay up all night and sleep late than get up at the crack of dawn everyday. And when I do arise from my slumber it’s two cups of coffee before I’m even co-hearant enough to talk to.
morning woman with coffee
I went on my second ‘date’ with McHarley man today. We drove to Barrie to go to the Harley Davidson store. Then had dinner at Jack Astors. I was home by 8:00p.m. I definitely know there are no sparks now. Nice guy but sadly I don’t feel the chemistry. Oh well. It’s still nice to see him just to get out once in a while. I’ll just have to keep looking I guess.

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