overflowing toilet
OMG,… Today has been a nightmare,… First I took 2 hours to put a computer cart together for my daughter. Then I spent the afternoon in the garden digging it out.
And just as I am about to rest my weary body and soul for the night, my toilet over-flows AGAIN! This is about the 6th time. I thought once Gerry snaked it out last time it would be fine. But no,… This time it over-flowed real good. Dozens of soaking wet towels as well as buckets and mops. It’s a nightmare. I have just turned the water off and now haven’t a clue what to do! And just as I’m ready to plop down and cry, my lovely daughter comes upstairs asking "Mom, can you drive us to BlockBusters?" I darted her my evil eye, I must have looked positively scary as she slunk away back downstairs.
So here it is 9:00 Saturday night and I have called every damn plumber in the ‘New Tecumseth’ phone book – all meaning 5. No one wants to come out here and save my butt. (literally save my butt!)
I really don’t have a clue what to do from here. And you can only buy so many coffes at Tim Hortons before they start to wonder whats so special about their bathroom,…
HELP !!!!!!

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