High pain day


It’s back. I woke up this morning more swollen than I’ve ever been. I went to the doctor and she saw how widespread it has become. So, more drugs,… I don’t even know what I’m on anymore. One drug for the pain,… one for the swelling, one for inflamation,…. One to help me sleep because of the pain,…I can’t keep track anymore. All I know is it’s been pretty severe today. I feel like the pillsbury dough boy. And everything hurts. I think it was because I did too much in the past few weeks. But I need to do stuff. I have no one else to do it for me. My doctor seemed a bit ticked off when I told her I had dug the garden out. But it needed doing!!
Anyway, I am off for a hot bath in epsom salts and then off to bed. Heres hoping tomorrow is better.

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