Sunday evening

I am sitting here ready to type out my blog entry for the evening when suddenly I realize there’s a pretty windy storm heading this way. Which, within minutes become gale force winds?  Trees blowing sideways,…  patio umbrella blowing off…  All I can think about is my new front garden.Will the lovely tree I sub-planted from the back stand the storm? For all who care, it does, although it now decidedly leans a bit to the left.

Day two of drill crisis. Was outside this morning (yes, gardening) and had plans this afternoon. Now it’s after dinner and I felt like I would sit down and give the drill (which I’ve now dubbed “The Beast”) a try. But again, cannot decide what all these 100 pieces are for. Which drill bit do I use? So, day two sees me putting the toy away for another time. But, friend P**** did email offering me his services. Which got me wondering… why do P**** and I not see each other anymore. He was my Daniel Cleaver to my own Bridget Jones. I loved being with him as he is the only person who laughs as much as I do. (Usually at my expense but hey, laughter is laughter…)  So hopefully in the near future he will drop by. 

Well thats it for this evening. Even though it’s still really early I think I am off to bed to get some much needed shut eye.




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