Life Lesson for today

Do not use new drill after you’ve had a

12 virginia creeper

I went back to the plant nursery today to buy two Virginia Creepers which I have planted in my back garden so it will cover the whole back yard fence giving me some privacy. So I dug out the holes, planted the plants, covered it in mounds of triple mix and then laid some nice white rocks around to make it look nice. Feeling dead proud of myself I walked back to take a final look and realized it looks like a grave. I’m hoping that it will look better once the plants mature and get some thick foliage. Right now it looks like somebody’s  "Fido" is buried there. 

On another note,… I have myself a very annoying cat right now. The Colonel is driving me crazy! He meows all the time. I think the poor bugger is horny. He’s been fixed but I guess the urge is still there as he sits in front of the door meowing. I’m ready to take him by his precious little tail and throw him !!!!!!

007 Stud Colonel StudMuffin

And thats all for tonight,


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