Yet, Another Job,…

Okay, the vets job didn’t work out. Too much hands on lab and surgical work that my hands couldn’t do.

But today I woke up to a message from my old Supervisor at York Medical. I was really surprised as I hadn’t talked with her since I left there a year and a half ago.

Turns out, she knew a Doctor in Newmarket that is looking for someone to run her office. Judy thought of me (??) and gave her my number. She called and I went for an interview at 7:00 this evening.

Now, I’m a little leery about this Doctor and don’t really know what to think. All she wanted to do was talk about why her last girl left. In fact, why her last ‘3’ girls left. She can’t seem to find anyone good for the position. Hmmmm,…… Sounds troubling to me. Like I’m going to be in a long line of ‘past’ employees.

She also asked me very personal questions which by the way are actually illegal to ask but I wasn’t about to tell her that. How old I was? Did I have a husband? Would I bring my home problems into work? It was a strange interview.

But, she pays well. In fact the most I’ve ever been paid for an administrative position. So I will give it a go. There will be a bit of a language barrier as she’s Iranian or some middle eastern background and I find her accent difficult to understand. Hopefully I will learn it in time.

So, I start tomorrow morning at 8:00am. She actually gave me a key and said to just let myself in and get on with it (???) Now I know she said she was desperate but I don’t know that office at all!!!!!! I’m going to feel like I’m drowning! Oh well. I guess I’ll just answer the phones and learn as I go.  I don’t know,…. this all seems kind of weird to me. Cops use the term ‘hinky’ when they ‘feel’ something’s not right in a case, but can’t place what it is. That’s how I feel. Hinky. Like something’s not right.


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  1. Sue
    Jul 30, 2008 @ 02:57:02

    That does sound very odd, but hey, it\’s a job, and hopefully it\’ll go well for you! Sorry the vet one didn\’t work out, it sounded like you could have enjoyed that one. Good luck tomorrow!


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