It’s been a rough week!

stressed out

It’s been five days since my hand surgery. It’s healing well but has been more painful than I thought it was going to be. I’m also having a difficult time using only one hand for everything (try washing your hair with one hand!) but, it is on the mend so I won’t complain.

I’m quite stressed out this week. I’m having problems with Michelle again. Won’t go into all the illicit details but I will say I’m at my wits end. I really don’t need this right now. Too many other problems in my life at the moment.

I’m having a terrible time looking for an apartment in Newmarket/Aurora. Because my employment history is so sporadic, all my applications keep getting rejected. I’m starting to get worried. I can’t afford this house I’m in but I can’t find other housing. I can’t sleep from all the worrying. Not sure where to turn from here.



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