Too much to deal with,…

I have way too much on my plate at the moment. Michelle is having some problems that are worrying me sick. Won’t elaborate but it’s enough that I have put my plans to move aside. She’s too fragile right now and needs me to stay here with her. Definitely couldn’t abandon her now.

That of course means I’m living in a house that I can’t afford and just keep going more and more into debt with each passing month.

Then there’s the car. Michelle drove it to her boyfriends house last week and her boyfriends dad backed into it doing $1,600.00 damage. It’s fixed now and I put the cost on my credit card. First off, Matt’s Dad didn’t even admit he hit the car. Finally 2 days later Matt’s brother told us he saw him back into the car.  Now, I can’t get him to pay for it. Michelle brought the bill over there but he is definitely avoiding her. I’m so stressed and quite frankly afraid of this man (he has a history of bad anger and physical abuse) so I’m finding this a difficult situation. But I need that money. It was his fault, he should pay. But I just know he’s going to tell me to forget it. Arggg! too much to deal with,….

I started back to work today. My hand was alright until the last hour or so and then the pain started. Tomorrow I think I’ll wear the brace and see if that helps. (I was suppose to wait another week to return to work but I just couldn’t afford one more week of no pay)

I am seriously  burning out with stress,…..

feeling hopeless


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