I’m furious

angry cat

I came home tonight to find Michelle in a flood of tears. Her Dad told her tonight that he won’t be paying for her to go to University. She’s so upset. He claims that he just doesn’t have the money. Wrong! Lorraine has said no and Jeff listens! She has been saying all along that kids should pay for their schooling themselves and now she’s talked Jeff into agreeing. He’s such a hen-pecked ass. Michelle is already close to the edge and this has just sent her spinning. I’m pretty worried about her. She’s really fragile. i worry constantly when I’m not with her for fear of what she’ll do.

I have to wonder if my Mom has given Jeff any money for the girls schooling. I know she gave them bonds when they were young and then she gave them to Jeff to hold (not me – I was pretty upset about that knowing Jeff and his problems with money!) I better find out. Mom will be pretty upset if she did and now he’s not giving it to Michelle.

Well, I just hope that choosing Lorraine over his children is worth it, because Michelle says she wants absolutely nothing to do with him ever again. He was such a great father until Lorraine came in the picture. And since then, he’s proven over and over again that Lorraine always comes first over them. That’s really hurt them. I hope he really understands what he has done. He’s lost his daughters.

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