On a lighter note,… Finally!!

my officeThis is my actual office!

Great News!! I have spoken to my Supervisor at Y*** M****** and not only am I not fired, but they were soooooo understanding. She told me to take as long as I need and that my job would always be there for me. Talk about relief! I think everyone knows how much I love my job so I am really happy to be welcomed back.


As for Michelle,… Well she is still not at home but Hayley was over this evening and I told her to have Michelle call me. I will take her back but with a LOT more rules. She probably won’t come though as she won’t like the new rules. But as a parent she needs boundaries and guidance. No more running around whereever she wants coming in and out and any old hour. I had hoped she would stay with her Dad for awhile as I know he would keep her in line. But their relationship is too strained at the moment. I feel really, really guilty about kicking her out but I hope she’ll understand some day I did it for her own good. I really miss her but I have to do what’s right.

sad dog I miss my Michelle,….

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