I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore,…

wind storm

Wow, We’ve been having some wind storm the past two days. I have roof shingles all over my front and back deck. I’m worried that my roof isn’t alright. I nearly got it re-shingled this past fall but didn’t have the money so left it. Now I’m thinking that decision might come back to haunt me.

As I sit here in my room, the wind is howling. Making my windows rattle severely. It’s got me a  little anxious. (My windows are the old sliders from years ago-who knows how strong – or weak – they are)

But on the plus side,…. It makes me all the more thankful I have a home to keep warm in. I plan on snuggling up in my bed with the cat and watch tv all evening. Ummmm,…. nice and toasty warm,….

Well, that’s it for me tonight. I am feeling so tired the past few weeks and just want to go and relax,…. Hope your all well and haven’t blown away!

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  1. Sue
    Dec 30, 2008 @ 04:26:00

    I hear you on the wind! We\’ve been having it here too. Yesterday morning our power was out for over an hour due to downed lines. I just stayed in bed, where it was warm, because of course if there\’s no power, there\’s no furnace…And tonight the wind is howling again. I actually went out and tied down my garbage can, after fetching it back from the neighbour\’s yard twice. Hope your roof – and your windows! – hold!


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