My new favourite show


Okay,… Is this not one of the funniest shows on TV? I find myself laughing out loud. I’m at home alone and I am sitting on the couch laughing my butt off. It’s just too funny,…..

Anyway,… I opened up my Barrie Hydro bill today. Normally I look at what I owe and toss it into the ‘to be paid’ pile. But today I took a closer look. I saw that I have been paying a monthly ‘Debt Retirement’ fee. A what? A debt retirement fee? What the hell is that? After looking it up, I find out it’s "to pay down the debt of the former Ontario Hydro". What? I have been paying $3.02 a month to pay down someone else’s debt? Hell, I have enough of my own debt to be paid thank you very much. It makes me want to pull out every other bill and start seeing what other ‘nonsense’ I’m paying to other companies. How’s a poor girl to get ahead with that kind of crap going on,…. Sucks!!

And then, I opened my Rogers bill to see that all their rates are going up. Damn. Just once I’d like to open a bill and see "This month we’ve decided that you don’t have to pay our bill,… Just to be nice,…." Right,… Can you tell I’m a little ‘perturbed’ today?

I had a bad day at work today. I don’t have many of those to be honest. But today it was hectic and every little thing turned into a hassle. (It’s never the girls I work with, their great) It’s just a bad day in general. I was really happy to get home tonight. Which brings me back to "Two and a Half Men". To have a bad day, and then sit and watch that show. Priceless,…. It always makes me feel better again. 🙂


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